Friday, July 20, 2012


 There will be times of darkness.
There will be times when evil seems to win.
There will be times when we cry in the streets because it seems unfair.
There will  be tragedy.
But there will always be hope.
The hope and the knowledge that someday your coming back and you are going to make everything new.
I can't wait! 

 What happened in Aurora is heart breaking earth shattering, awful, awful, awful. I am not trying to down play it, but evil isn't a new thing. We see it repeat on the news, on the streets, maybe in our own homes. This however is more shocking being closer in proximity . We get a taste. It could've been me, my friends, my family. We become fearful. Should I go to the movies, could it happen again? I don't think that's the right approach. Tragedies happen all the time and we still have to face the world, go out and hope that were safe. The reality is that tragedy could strike you on your couch. We don't become immune by becoming hermits. Immunity doesn't exist because, we are mortal   We have the chance though when tragedy strikes to call on our Father and to ask him to show up in a big way! I serve a God who brings beauty from ashes, and I believe he can do this here and now and always!

Love to you!!!!
~ M