Friday, October 21, 2011

The dragon lady. And how to conquer your's.

Women are crazy. I am one, so I can say this. I think.

We are such moody volatile creatures. Yes, yes we have shining moments of glory and we seem to possess the power to find our husbands missing items in no time flat. (this started happening once I got married, so strange). We can be beautiful and caring and bake delicious things, and conquer anything while having PMS.
Some days though I become what we lovingly  refer to in the Whittemore house as "THE DRAGON LADY".    

Today. Was one of those days. I woke up and cleaned the house while Der was at school.
 Excited to be all Proverbs 31(ey) and domestic! He was pleasantly surprised ( assuming I'd still be sleeping) and grateful! 
I showed off my skills, the grime I'd removed the spot I'd vacuumed, like a child with some new artwork ready to be hung on the fridge.(notice me! notice me!)

He then began chipping in organizing things, vacuuming spots I didn't know existed and I, well I became...(duh duh duh) annoyed, irritated, insert chosen word.  I showered and sulked and let the scales grow, let the smoke billow from nose. Oh I played it cool like I was fine and battled my brain for peace and white flags blah blah blah. Which by the way were not necessary , because THERE WAS NOTHING TO BE UPSET ABOUT. Which brings me back to my main point. 1. Women are crazy.

I set the precedent for the rest of our day by letting my emotions control me. It's easy to do, far, far too easy. However it is getting easier all the time to stop. Think it over and talk about it. Der is my bestie. I can tell him anything. When I explained 8 hours later how I had morphed into my dragon self he was sympathetic, practical and as always rational. It was weight off me, one that didn't even need to exist, but did (here comes the crazy, do you see how this is just a crazy cycle. AHHH).

Point 2. Turn it around. You have the power to realize you're being irrational and to stop it. Stop the dragon lady before she burns the ones you love.

Love, love, love,
Michelle (sometimes the dragon lady)

Friday, October 14, 2011


In case you ever wondered what a Davis is...

Davis's have sass.

Davis's speak louder than most.

Davis's are sometimes hard to handle.

Davis's are stubborn creatures.

They can pick things up with there toes, they can burp louder then any drunken sailor.

They love like nobody's business.

A davis story is unlike any story you will ever hear, it is full of life,  dramatic inflections, hand movements and all kinds of accessories. It may make you laugh so hard you cry or you may not understand it at all (just smile and nod).

We are passionate about many different things, we may have disagreements from time to time, but our foundation is in the God we love, and our sometimes dysfunctional Davis way of life. Which when compared to a lot of people's is pretty normal.  Davis has a wonderful legacy attached to it, many stories, some heart wrenching, most funny and heartwarming.  The most wonderful thing about Davis's is our ability to laugh in any and every circumstance, come rain or shine, or hail, or ... you name it. We will eventually make it a comical situation and... embrace it.

I may not be a Davis any more, but the sass, the passion, the burping, will always remain, and I will be forever grateful, to have come from such wonderful people. People who overcome obstacles, people who love God and live full lives. I can't wait to mesh that with the amazing Whittemore genes and have some kick butt lil rug-rats. (not for a long time though)

Much love, sooo much love,
Michelle (was once a Davis) Whittemore

Thursday, October 13, 2011

porch swings and dreams and my Daddy's voice....

Once my Daddy told me what to do. I think.
It will sound crazy, but I have seen stranger things.
When I say daddy I don't mean my Dad, Dan that is. That's what I call God. Daddy.

It was a warm summer afternoon, and I had been given an hour lunch. My parents lived close by, so I decided to pop over  and take a snooze on the porch swing. It is the foggiest memory, but I know it happened. It wasn't until years later that I realized the significance. " I resonate in your voice". Five words. I can't remember the tone of the voice , though I wish I could. How precious a thing this was. To be woken by the voice of my savior.

I have carried these words with me, not always relishing in them like I should. What an amazing thing.

Today, on a day where I have listened to the beautiful anointed words of Kari Jobe, belted along with Christy Noeckels and Natalie Grant.  I feel saddened. Will that ever be me?  I don't know if I will ever be on a stage in front of thousands worshiping , or if it will just be in church or playing coffee shops. What I do know is this: I was reminded today of my love for singing. I was reminded of those words. Words that say to me, there is a reason. God will use me however he see's fit, and I trust in that wholeheartedly. I take comfort in the word's whispered to me , and I take comfort knowing my God/Daddy has a plan, the best plan for me.

In the mean time I'll keep singing while Derek tries to do homework and in church. I will be the girl who texts song lyrics to herself, the girl who calls her husbands voicemail to leave melodies. I'll be that girl. I like it.

Love, love, love,