Friday, October 14, 2011


In case you ever wondered what a Davis is...

Davis's have sass.

Davis's speak louder than most.

Davis's are sometimes hard to handle.

Davis's are stubborn creatures.

They can pick things up with there toes, they can burp louder then any drunken sailor.

They love like nobody's business.

A davis story is unlike any story you will ever hear, it is full of life,  dramatic inflections, hand movements and all kinds of accessories. It may make you laugh so hard you cry or you may not understand it at all (just smile and nod).

We are passionate about many different things, we may have disagreements from time to time, but our foundation is in the God we love, and our sometimes dysfunctional Davis way of life. Which when compared to a lot of people's is pretty normal.  Davis has a wonderful legacy attached to it, many stories, some heart wrenching, most funny and heartwarming.  The most wonderful thing about Davis's is our ability to laugh in any and every circumstance, come rain or shine, or hail, or ... you name it. We will eventually make it a comical situation and... embrace it.

I may not be a Davis any more, but the sass, the passion, the burping, will always remain, and I will be forever grateful, to have come from such wonderful people. People who overcome obstacles, people who love God and live full lives. I can't wait to mesh that with the amazing Whittemore genes and have some kick butt lil rug-rats. (not for a long time though)

Much love, sooo much love,
Michelle (was once a Davis) Whittemore

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