Monday, January 23, 2012


I have a hard time persevering.

I get scared to try.

I get overwhelmed and so I pop in my shell and ride the storm out.
It started back and back and back.
It's why I am terrible at math, why I never went out for sports  why I battled an eating disorder. It was easier to not try to understand the problems, easier to not even go there, and easier to do it the unhealthy way then to really work to lose the weight. Easier to not face the potential to fail. So I didn't try.

I got on the scale today and much to my dismay gained half a pound ( not really that big of a deal).
I felt sick and began analyzing my week, what had I eaten? Where had I gone wrong? I started feeling bad about myself and I wanted to retreat, give up.

Point is this : It's hard. Life is. It's overwhelming to try, it's overwhelming to give up the little nicety's aka chocolate in life to pursue health. To pursue things even when they are challenging. We like ease. Quick fixes. Straight paths. However analogies aside it can be done. Life can be conquered the easy, the hard and the in between. I realize there are far braver people than I . But, for those of you like myself who get scared, who get sucked in and complacent you can overcome. Start today with a little thing. Don't be scared to fail, because it will happen . What we really should be scared of is not trying. Of letting fear of failure rule our lives. When you find yourself succeeding failing seems less intimidating.

As for me ( and you) today is a new day! A chance to start over and pursue good and the life we were created for!

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”~ John Wayne 

As my Mom says...

You are loved,
 P.S. Enjoy the ride!!!!

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